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Anxiety Support Group

Anxiety, fear, panic, worry and dread – some people “deal with it,” just “live life,” “pushing through,” or what have you.

Seems so easy…right? For them, you may say. 


No one really “gets it” or understands how I feel...How difficult it is for me - pretending that everything is okay when my heart is racing and beating out of my chest, feeling controlled by an emotion that just “takes over,” preventing me to do the things I want or need to do, or even dream of doing. 


I have specialized training and experience leading anxiety support groups in a way that elicits a positive outlook as people develop new attitudes and reactions towards anxiety through a series of questions. Not to mention, group work gives people the chance to practice what they are learning in relationship to the other group members before they take it out into the real world. 


Discover you are not alone managing severe anxiety in this 8-week support group offered via telehealth and is led by someone that “gets it.” We will go through mindfulness and other exercises, give you time to talk about what you are struggling with, and you will have an opportunity to learn from others in the group that this day can be better!

*Please note, class size limited to 10 people maximum. Reserve your space today. 

Group session rate $50.00 for 60 minutes

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